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徵集澳門電影項目作品參加上海國際電影節 Looking for Macau film projects to participate in the Shanghai International Fil

【徵集澳門電影項目作品參加上海國際電影節 Looking for Macau film projects to participate in the Shanghai International Film Festival】 1220影視綜合平台今年將前往著名的上海國際電影節,為本地影視作品進行發行工作。現正徵集符合以下要求的電影作品,與我們一同走進內地其中一個最具權威的電影界盛事! 徵集作品包括以下三類: 1) 籌備中之本地長片電影專案計畫 2) 本年度上映之澳門電影作品 3) 符合國際電影播放標準之澳門電影長片作品 我們將會於上海國際電影節的澳門區記者招待會,發佈參與是次發行工作之本地電影專案計畫,並為其尋找感興趣的投資者作洽談及融資工作。同時亦會發佈本年度上映之澳門電影作品,以向外推廣最新出爐的優秀本澳電影作品! 另外,已上映之澳門電影長片作品將會獲大會甄選,獲選項目將會在活動中的新聞發佈會公布,並有機會參與上海國際電影節「澳門電影放映及映後交流活動」,在各地電影製作者以及觀眾面前進行放映及交流! 有興趣參與的朋友,請把作品簡介(中英文), 海報及宣傳短片電郵至 查詢詳情亦可電郵至 1220 integrated television and cinema service platform will go to the famous Shanghai International Film Festival this year to distribute local film productions and television works. We are now looking for film works that meet the following requirements and let’s join us to one of the most authoritative film festival events in mainland China! Looking for the following three categories: 1) Local long film projects that are in preparation 2) Macau film productions that are going to be released this year 3) Macau long film productions that meet the international film broadcasting standards We will announce the local film projects that are selected to be participated in the Shanghai International Film Festival at the Macau region’s press conference. We will also seek out financial supports and negotiate plans and programs with interested investors. At the same time, we will also publish the film productions that are going to be released this year, so that we can promote the latest outstanding Macau film works to the public! In addition, the local film productions that had been released will also be in select process. The selected projects will be announced at the press conference and will have the opportunity to participate in the "Macau Film Screening and Post-Showing Exchange Activities" that takes place at the Shanghai International Film Festival. This will allow these special film productions to show off their effort in front of filmmakers and audiences around the world! For those who are interested, please email the introduction (both Chinese and English), posters and promotional videos to: For enquiries, please email: #上海國際電影節 #siff #1220filmproduction #postproduction #colorgrading #soundmixing #editing #filmdistribution #dcpoutput #subtitling

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