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【1220現正招募本地影像作品】 過去2年,1220曾帶同多套本地影像作品,走訪世界各地不同國際性影像市場,進行影像銷售發行工作。今件,1220將再度前進法國康城影展電影市場、釜山國際電影節亞洲電影市場、美國電影市場,向海外投資者及電影製作人推介本澳優秀的影像作品,如果您也希望自己的作品能踏出澳門,邁向國際舞台,現在機會來了! 1220現正招募本地影像作品,您的作品將有機會去到各地電影市場,包括:香港國際影視展、法國康城影展電影市場、釜山國際電影節亞洲電影市場、美國電影市場等,與一眾影像製作業者交流,記得把握難得機會,和我們一起走向世界市場!

作品要求: -90分鐘以上的長片 (附合國際標準規格) -60分鐘以上的記錄片 In the past two years, 1220 Film Production Company has brought numerous of local video production to different international visual markets across the globe mainly for distribution and sales. This time, 1220 Film Production Company will once again enter the film market in Cannes, Busan and America, introducing excellent film productions that are made in Macau to overseas investors and filmmakers. If you want your film productions to face the world, now is the opportunity! 1220 Film Production Company is now recruiting local video works, which gives your production a chance to enter overseas film market such as Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART), Marche du Film, Busan International Film Festival film market, American Film Market, etc… This opportunity allows you to share opinions with other professional filmmakers, remember to seize this rare opportunity, and go to the film market in different part of the world with us! Works requirements: - A 90 minutes or longer long film (with international standard specifications) - Documentary with a length of more than 60 minutes 🎞有興趣參與的朋友, 請把作品簡介(中英文), 海報及宣傳短片電郵至 查詢詳情亦可電郵至 🎞 For those who are interested, please feel free to send the film introduction (Chinese and English version) , poster and trailer to us , please do not hesitate to e-mail for further inquiries! Email: #1220filmproduction #postproduction #colorgrading #soundmixing #editing #filmdistribution #dcpoutput #subtitling

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