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【🌟發放正能量!一起了解澳門影視綜合服務平台🌟 】

雖然受疫情影響, 早前都是HOME OFFICE辦工, 但小編絕對無因此而偷懶, 除了繼續遙距處理公司項目之外, 仲有係屋企不停進修學習, 修讀後製進階課程, 同埋觀看不同類型的電影, 學習拍攝、剪接、調色、混音、擬聲及配樂等技巧, 覺得時間有少少唔夠用呀!

Affected by COVID-19, we were all working at home last month, but we have absolutely no laziness because of this.In addition to working remotely on company projects, we are also study advanced post-production courses at home. Also watching different types of movies, learning about shooting, editing, color grading, sound mixing, foley and soundtrack skills, it was feel like don’t have enough time for me!



📽What essentials elements do you need to produce a good movie?

📽1220 Film Production Company believes that in addition to a good story plot and the preliminary efforts put by actors and actresses, professional editing works in the post-production stage that match with the story theme and soundtrack, and the lighting in order to create a decent atmosphere are also very important.

今日, 等小編為大家介紹下1220影視綜合服務平台啦!







🎬As a professional film production company, the three service categories provided by 1220 Film Production Company. can completely fulfill your three wishes! 🎬

We Provide the following Professional Services:

📼Professional Color Grading Service

🎞Professional Editing Service

🎙Professional Sound Mixing Service






Other Services:

📽DCP Output

📽Subtitling Service

📽Film Distribution

📽Film Pre-Production


🌟1220 Film Production Company is the only production studio in Macau that provides one-stop service including film coloring, movie sound effects, editing, film format output, movie subtitle production, and other professional post-production services. It is convenient for film makers to complete most of the post-production work at one time, so there are a lot of local and foreign film works are completed at our production company!



The next episode will take you to see all our great software. See you in the next episode!




1220 Film Production Company is more than happy to cooperate with any companies on any film post-productions such as video editing, tuning and color grading.Discounts will be given exclusively to local enterprises. Please do not hesitate to e-mail for further inquiries!











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