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【🤓1220影視綜合服務平台 - 電影後製設備懶人包 之杜比7.1認證及GDC DCP playback server系統🤓】 【🤓1220 Integrated Television and


呢個時間就要同大家介紹一下調色工作室另一個非常重要的設備——🌟杜比7.1環繞聲認證🌟準備好未? 帶好口罩, 清潔好雙手, 出發!

Well, I was watching Neflix in computer last night, why the movie is so different to seeing it in Cinema? The reason is about… Dolby 7.1 Certificate! Are you ready? Wear your mask, Wash your hand, Let’s GO!

🔎在1220進行電影調色工作後,使用者便可以即時透過Barco DP4K-P Projector及Harkness Xc 170MP Projection Screen進行放映,配合杜比7.1環繞聲效,就可以📶即時親身感受到觀眾在影院欣賞作品放映時的效果📶,確保製作出來的電影能呈現最完美的一面,為觀眾提供最高的視聽享受!

🔎After the color grading work is completed in 1220 Film Production Company, clients can instantly watch the production through Barco DP4K-P Projector and Harkness Xc 170MP Projection Screen. With the sound presented by Dolby Surround 7.1, 📶viewers can immediately enjoy the movie just like sitting and watching it in a standard theater.📶 This guarantees the quality of the final production and provides the best audio-visual effects for the audience!

🔎同時,1220調色工作室配備🌟GDC DCP playback server系統🌟,因此可以透過server開啟並處理來自全世界各地委託的DCP格式電影素材,而經1220後製處理並輸出的DCP格式片段,都可以於全世界的電影院🎥🎥播放!

🔎At the same time, the 1220 Color Grading Studio is equipped with the🌟 GDC DCP playback Server system🌟that allows our staff members to open and process any DCP format movie materials from all over the world.All the DCP format clips handled and output by 1220 Film Production Company are able to display in any cinemas across the globe.🎥🎥


㊙Clients are welcome to use the encryption function if they are concerned over the security issues of the movie materials. They are welcome to turn on the time limit function of the server, which is convenient and safe!





1220 Film Production Company is more than happy to cooperate with any companies on any film post-productions such as video editing, tuning and color grading.Discounts will be given exclusively to local enterprises. Please do not hesitate to e-mail for further inquiries!


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