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1220很高興能夠參與「銘念詠春文化宣傳片」的製作,非常感謝銘念詠春協會,以及澳門文化局借出鄭家大屋作場地拍攝。 詠春是一項非物質文化遺產,能夠參與製作是一件非常有意義的事,希望詠春文化一直傳承下去。💪


----------------------------------------- 1220影視綜合服務平台長期接受各類影像剪輯、調音、調色工作委託,澳門本地作品,本地企業及影像工作者仲絕對一定有優惠,歡迎以電郵向小編查詢! 電郵 Any enquiries please contact: 1220 Film Production Company is more than happy to cooperate with any companies on any film post-productions such as video editing, tuning and color grading.Discounts will be given exclusively to local enterprises. Please do not hesitate to e-mail for further inquiries! Email:

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