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|‧ Color Grading Project ‧ | ‧『家庭聚餐』(Family Dinner)-澳門影像新勢力 ‧|


「有時,當你吃飽了之後,才發現自己不喜歡吃餃子,最想吃是麵.........」 在爺爺嫲嫲的結婚40週年當天,孫子日朗發現了爸爸的出軌證據,在聚餐晚飯上,日朗便將事情一一坦白。但揭發秘密沒有使事情變好,反而引發了更多秘密浮上水面........

Director:Cheang Ka Hou Color Grading:GonçaloFerreira Color Grading Assistant:Jarvis Xin

放映時間:首映2 11.06.2021 星期五 Fri 19:30 12.06.2021 星期六 Sat 14:30 (文化中心小劇院 Small Auditorium $60)

——————————————————————— 1220長期接受各類影像剪輯、調音、調色工作委託,澳門本地作品,本地企業及影像工作者仲絕對一定有優惠,歡迎以電郵向小編查詢!

電郵 1220 Film Production Company is more than happy to cooperate with any companies on any film post-productions such as video editing, tuning and color grading.Discounts will be given exclusively to local enterprises. Please do not hesitate to e-mail for further inquiries! Email:


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